Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hi from St Clair, Dunedin where I was originally born but I have also resided in Palmerston North, Ashburton & Auckland for a period of 13 years.

My main interests include netball, squash, running and hanging out with my family which includes two busy and sporting young boys.

I am interested in studying massage as I have had alot of sporting injuries over the years and massage was my main treatment that I found the most beneficial. I am interested in the human anatomy and like the idea of being able to heal other people.

After I graduate I would ideally like to set up my own massage clinic from home but also have the flexibility of being mobile.


  1. Hi Kris,

    I am also interested in helping heal others. I think it is something that is becoming more popular as a form of treatment

  2. Hi Kris
    Assessment task 2 completed and you seem to have the correct loading for the blog title!!Can you share what you did with the other students... if thats not too much hassle!
    As regards the healing aspects of our work - some of the terms that seem to reach beyond the medical intervention approach (which also heals!)are wellbeing - prevention - care (although this term is commonly used in the nursing and doctoring fields). My point I think is that with our research areas increasing, we may be able to better access and integrate deeper health concepts and practices and thereby give "clients" ways of developing relevent approaches to self reliance for individual health..